Report and Event: For a More Humane Union, A Legal Assessment of EU Farm Animal Welfare Laws

Published March 1, 2022
rabbits in a plastic crate

This White Paper advocates for a complete change in the way EU animal welfare legislation is discussed, drafted, and implemented; and offers solutions to address the particular issues posed by low-quality legal drafting and the over- complicated procedures to amend secondary and tertiary legislation.

In this report, you will find:

– An overview of the evolution of EU farm animal welfare laws over the past five decades

– Detailed explanations on the role played by the different actors  and institutions other than the Legislature in shaping these laws, such as the European Food Safety Authority or the European Court of Justice.

– Factsheets summarizing the different rules in each of the farm animal welfare laws.

– Factsheets detailing the different shortcomings that can be found in these acts, followed by a list of recommendations on how to redress such shortcomings in the course of the next revision.

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